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There is an email list for bike related discussion.

To join the list, send a request to containing the line: subscribe bham-cycling emailaddress (where emailaddress is your email address) in the body of the message. If you have any problems subscribing


To unsubscribe from the list, send an email to containing the line: unsubscribe bham-cycling emailaddress in the body of the message.

To report specific problems, or to make suggestions for a particular area, email one of the people below:


Ashley/Strathcona/Education area: Stan Siebert

Business School/Guild/Barber Institute area: We need a contact - any volunteers?

Aston Webb/Geology area: Gareth Rainford

Aston Webb/Security: Gareth Rainford


Aston Webb/Physics area: Gareth Rainford

Chemistry area: Jim Tucker

Physics/Maths area: Carole Sparke

Biosciences and Geography area: Jeremy Pritchard

Elms Road/Metallurgy/52 Pritchatts Rd area: Stan Siebert

Main Library: We need a contact - any volunteers?

Computer Science/ Learning Centre area: any volunteers?

Mechanical Engineering area:  Peter Jarvis

Medical School area: Steve Young

Selly Oak Campus: We need a contact - any volunteers?

Edgbaston Park Road: We need a contact - any volunteers?

Halls of residence (Vale, Pritchatts Park, Manor House etc).  We need a contact here also please.

Anywhere Else: Why not volunteer to become a contact for your area?  Email any of the contacts listed above to get your name on this page.


Members of BUBUG meet periodically to plan strategy and activities.  If you would like to get involved (and we could certainly use a few more active members!), contact Carole Sparke (0121 414 3053).



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