Birmingham University Bicycle Users Group: BUBUG

Welcome to the website of the Birmingham University Bicycle Users Group (BUBUG).

We are a group of University of Birmingham cyclists who have come together to try to improve cycle facilities both within and outside the University.

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The aims of the group are to work with the University (especially the Hospitality and Accommodation Service and the Estates Office), with Birmingham City Council, the on-campus bike workshop - the Green Bike Project - and with other cyclists groups (e.g Pushbikes) to ensure better provision for cyclists on and around the University campus.


We hope to achieve:

  • An adequate amount of high quality cycle parking consisting of secure bike racks/stands that are suitable for use by all types of cycles.
  • Convenient bike parks, close to building entrances.
  • Well lit cycle racks to provide security for cycles and cyclists. 
  • Better access to, and around, the campus for cyclists (e.g. improvements to entrances with dropped kerbs, cycle by-pass lanes and shorter barrier lengths).
  • To maintain a list of cycle parking and shower facilities on campus and to maintain a list of local cycle shops.
  • To promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable alternative to driving and to provide advice for new and potential cyclists.
  • To help promote road safety and bike security by supporting the West Midlands police and University security staff through cycle roadshows and the sale of high visibility clothing, quality locks and cycle lights.
  • To encourage and promote cycle training and maintenance classes on campus.
  • To contribute to the discussion about local road developments and facilties for cyclists on those roads.

The group is open to anyone at the University of Birmingham, especially those who cycle and who have an interest in the facilities provided on campus. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic and non-academic staff are all welcome to contribute their views and support.

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