Cycle parking and showers

Our Google map  below shows the locations of cycle racks, cycle lockers and showers.   If you know of any that we have omitted, please let us know.


  • The green cyclist logos designate cycle parking facilities.
  • The blue pushpins designate showers open to all staff and students.
  • The red pushpins designate showers open only to those authorised to enter that part of the building.

For access to the PIN code protected end of the cycle shelter at  the demolished old sports centre on the main Birmingham University campus,you should  email the sustainable travel mailbox from their University of Birmingham email address and provide a scanned copy of their University ID.  Peter Edwards will then give you the code.

The pin code will only be given to a limited number of registered staff and students to ensure that spaces are as readily available as possible.

Munrow Sports Centre secure cycle parking compound

There are now 26 secure cycle lockers around campus available to hire at £4 per month on a termly basis. If you are interested in hiring a locker please contact the University's Sustainable Travel Coordinator (Peter Edwards).  There is some more information about lockers on the Sustainable Travel/Cycling web pages.

Cycle lockers are located in these locations:
     University Centre (1 locker)
     Hills car park (2 lockers)
     Arts Muirhead building (2 lockers)
     Arts Watson building (7 lockers)
     Howarth building (4 lockers)
     Biosciences building (5 lockers)

Here is a map of the location of some of these lockers.




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