ED&I policies, procedures and guidelines

These are the main policies, procedures and guidelines relating to ED&I across the University. For more information on key projects and initiatives please visit the Student ED&I and Staff ED&I pages.

Student and Staff Policies and Procedures

University of Birmingham Fairness and Diversity Policy (UK)  is the University's overarching equality policy. It sets out the legal responsibilities of the University and its members. An additional version of the Fairness and Diversity Policy has been developed for our non-UK campuses: University of Birmingham Fairness and Diversity (outside of UK).

University of Birmingham Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Scheme 2021-2024 -  the EDI Scheme is a statement of the University's ongoing commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity. It sets out our equality objectives and the actions we will take to promote equality, prevent discrimination and promote greater understanding between different groups of people.

University of Birmingham Harassment and Bullying Policy this policy outlines the University's position on unacceptable behaviour and the process for students and staff wishing to make a complaint. An additional harassment and bullying policy has been developed for our Dubai campus: University of Birmingham Harassment and Bullying Policy (Dubai).

Guidance on Supporting Transgender Staff and Students
advice and support for students and staff who identify as transgender or non-binary and guidance for their peers, colleagues and managers.

Student Policies and Procedures

EDI policies and procedures for students can be viewed on the student EDI pages

Staff Policies and Procedures

EDI policies and procedures for staff can be viewed on the staff EDI pages


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