Rainbow Network Profiles

Studies have shown that 62% of LGBTQ+ graduates go back into the closet after starting their first job (Human Rights Campaign), while 41% do not feel comfortable disclosing their sexuality at work (Centre of Talent Innovation).

In response to those findings, the Rainbow Network, in collaboration with the Equality and Diversity team, has created a series of profiles of LGBTQ+ staff and PhD students here at the University. We hope that profiling visible LGBTQ+ staff and PhD students will show new employees, especially those at the start of their career, that the University is an LGBTQ+ friendly employer, and help them to feel able to be out at work.

In their profiles, our members talk about their personal experiences and why they feel it is important for people to be out at work. The profiles come from people who identify as LGBTQ+, and cover a range of job roles and departments across the University.

If you are an LGBTQ+ member of staff or a PhD student and are interested in being the subject of a profile, please email the Rainbow Network committee at lgbtq@contacts.bham.ac.uk. We would particularly like more profiles of bi and trans people, and LGBTQ+ staff and PhD students with intersecting identities, but all are welcome.


Peter Brocklehurst

Sally Brooks

Jennifer Clerici

Pete Collins

Elliot Evans

Holly Foss

Nicola Gale

Athanasios Georgakas

Tyler Kelly

Sammy Li

Henrietta Lockhart

Paul Montgomery

Mo Moulton

Jonathan Wolf Mueller

Wouter Peeters

Lauren Rawlins

Sean Russell

Adam Schembri

Kate Stewart


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