Your data in Pure

Pure brings together data about research at the University that is held in different databases, giving us the opportunity to see this information together for the first time so that we can view research at the University as a whole and the links between activities in ways that we have not been able to.

 What data has been put into Pure?

The data in Pure comes from a variety of sources. Synchronised data is brought into Pure from some of the University's core systems which hold research specific data: 

  • Alta HR - organisation and staff data
  • Banner - student and supervisor data 
  • Research Accounting - applications, projects, and associated financial data

Such data is updated within Pure on a weekly basis (every Sunday).

What can we create in Pure?


As well as displaying information from other systems Pure will also act as the primary database for all publications data for the University.

You can use metadata feeds to import your publications or enter them manually, ensuring that you are always have an up-to-date, detailed, record of your publications history.


Pure offers the chance to record your activities, such as conferences, and link them to research projects or groups.

Research Groups

With Pure you are also able to create Research Groups, that may even cross Schools/Colleges and link projects, grants, activities, publications, students and staff to them. This is a great new way in which the University's research data is going to be enhanced by PURE. 

For more information about setting up a research group contact


You can create CVs using your data in Pure. These will be automatically be updated when new content is added, and you can have multiple CVs for different purposes.

How can I change the info in Pure? 

Data has been taken from a lot of different sources, and we have worked hard to ensure that it is accurate, however, there may be a need to amend data that is displayed in Pure. 

In order to ensure that the source data is not compromised, any data that has come from AltaHR, Banner or Research Accounting can not be changed in Pure - instead it should be changed in the original system.




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