Reviewing existing information

We want the data in Pure to be as accurate and up to date as possible. So, if you see anything in your profile that you think may need changing, let us know and we can get it corrected.

There's a problem with my...


You can make changes to your publications data yourself in Pure.

Open the record, make the changes you want, then press  save. 

 Projects or grants information

 All research project.funding data comes from the Research Accounting System.

If you need to change the % split of staff allocated to a project:

  • Speak to the Principle Investigator for the Project to check the details
  • Either the Head of School or the PI for the project should contact the Research Support Group (Finance Office) to request the change. 

If there are any duplications in your grant applications or projects data contact the Research Support Group (Finance Office) and they will look at correcting it.  

 Personal information 

You can now add your own "preferred" first and last names in PURE.

If you find any other incorrect employment-related information that needs to be updated  go to for advice on how those details can be updated.

 Student supervision data 

All data about your PGR student supervision history comes from Banner Student Record system.

  • If you need to change your current student supervision record you can do this in BIRMS PGR.
  • Otherwise raise a ServiceDesk call to request a change to the data. 


Professional Services