Importing from a file

If you have recently joined the University you may wish to add your previous publications to Pure.  To do this you will first need to request your publication data from your previous institution in either a Bibtex or RIS format.  Please contact by email if you would like further support to enable this.

Alternatively, if you have a record of your publications saved in Endnote, or another system, you can import them into Pure.  RIS or BibTex files can be downloaded from many databases or web sites including:

  • Ref Manager
  • Endnote
  • Scopus
  • Google Scholar

Uploading the file

Once you have your file, log in to Pure and click the big green Add Content button

Add content button



Click on Research output, and select Import from filechoose submission

Choose the file type you want to import by clicking the appropriate box, either Bibtex or RIS.   To upload the file either drag it across or browse your computer and click import.

upload file






A list of the imported files will be displayed. (If the record is already in Pure you will get a warning message.  If this is the case you should not import the record again).    Instead click "view potential duplicate" and make sure it is a copy.  If so ensure that your contributor affliation is correct and includes your current University of Birmingham organisation links.  To remove the output from the list click the remove button. 

Select the output you want to import and click Import.

Within the author match screen, make sure that Pure has selected the correct author and their affiliations. Please ensure that all internal authors are matched correctly. The dropdown menu to the right of the name will provide a list of potential authors.  If none of the authors is correct, select no match. 

Importing author match

Select either Import and review or Import and save.     If Import and review is selected you will be taken to the metadata template screen for the record where any amendments can be made.   Once this is completed, remember to press Save.










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