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Completing the Destination of Leavers survey only takes a couple of minutes of your time and doesn’t just help the University meet its statutory requirements for HESA (although they are important!); it is a win-win for all involved.

Future Graduates:

Collecting this information ensures we can help future graduates, particularly those currently studying at the University, to make informed decisions about their career path by providing information on what graduates from their School, Department or Programme go on to do. It may even highlight options and non-traditional career pathways that they hadn’t thought of before.

It also helps our Careers Network to identify any areas that may need greater support, targeting resource to where it is most needed and thus assisting more of our students to make a successful transition from University to working life or further study.

10,000 Lives:

This year we (the DLHE budget-holders) will donate £2 towards the University of Birmingham’s 10,000 Lives appeal for each survey completed online through the emailed link. The appeal will raise aspirations in 11-18 year olds and develop confident, employable students. It will even support our young alumni, so you yourself might benefit from this appeal as you start your post-University life.

Last year nearly 1,500 respondents to the survey online contributed to the work of Dr Frank Mussai and his team of clinicians at Birmingham Children's Hospital in developing new treatments for children with cancer. This year we are aiming to top that by raising £5,000 for the 10,000 Lives appeal. You can find out more about it at www.birmingham.ac.uk/10000Lives


This data drives the University’s excellent Employability and Graduate Employability results, which can be seen in many places externally including university League Tables, Unistats and the HESA Performance Indicators. The more data we can gather, the more robust and accurate a picture we can get of our graduates’ destinations. Doing well in these metrics reflects well upon our graduates, with employers taking note and degrees from the University becoming more valuable.

The survey also provides the opportunity for us to follow up with our recent graduates and offer any further support through the Careers Network, making contact with those who may not have found their chosen vocation yet. Remember, support is available from Careers Network for two years after graduation, so do please get in touch if you need.

About the survey

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