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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I complete the survey?

Completing the DLHE survey is beneficial to the University, (helping it meet its statutory requirements); to future graduates, (informing them of options when they leave); to the Careers Network (helping them plan and resource their activities) and to UoB students and young alumni through the 10,000 Lives appeal. Please see the page on the Benefits of DLHE for more information.

What can you do to support me now that I have left the University of Birmingham?

The University is committed to supporting you after you have moved on.  You can use Careers Network services up to two years after graduation to help you plan, apply and succeed. Remember, many people graduate without being certain of what they want to do – it's never too late to plan your future and you can contact Careers Network at https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/careers/contactus

I am still studying (at Birmingham or another institution), why am I being asked to complete the survey?

The survey is for all those who graduated, including those who have returned to university to study a new course, so let us know about it! If you haven’t (yet) completed a course at the University of Birmingham, please let us know by email via b.r.harris@bham.ac.uk or call 0121 414 7473.

What happens if I don’t complete the survey online?

We also survey graduates by telephone, therefore you can expect a call from us in order to collect your response.

I didn’t complete my course and so didn’t graduate. Should I still respond?

If you received an alternative qualification, then yes, we are also interested in knowing more about your current circumstances, even if you did not graduate.

I was sent to complete a qualification by my employer as part of my work. Do I need to complete the survey?

Yes, we collect information from everyone who completed a qualification through the University of Birmingham, including part-time postgraduate and CPD courses.

I have a few interviews coming up and am therefore not sure what my circumstances will be in January. Should I still complete the survey?

We are purely interested in what you will be doing on the census date of 10th January 2018. If you are not yet sure of what you will be doing on that date, it is best to wait until then to complete the survey rather than doing it now, in order to avoid any inaccuracies. Remember, you can fill in the online survey anytime up until 5th March 2018.

I have started my own wedding photography business, but I also need to work full-time in a supermarket to support myself whilst the business grows and develops. Which job should I tell you about?

As well as using questions 1 and 2 to tell us all of the activities you will be engaged in, if you are doing more than one job, the main part of the Employment section should refer to the role most important to you. This would be the activity that you would regard as your vocation, the one you aim to do long-term, not necessarily the best-paid, or the one in which you currently do the most hours.

I am developing a professional portfolio at the moment. How do I tell you about it?

This is classified as employment on the survey. Please make sure to provide us with as much information as you can about what you are doing.

Why do you need my employer postcode? Are you going to contact my employer?

We merely collect this data to provide information on the regions in which graduates are employed. This can help future graduates in analysing their options through graduate labour market statistics, as well as measure the proportions of graduates in local economies and thus the University’s contribution towards the region or city. We will not be contacting your employer.

I’m a teacher. Do I need to fill in section C?

You only need to complete section C if you gained qualified teacher status (QTS) from the course you completed six months ago.

I did not intend to work after my qualification. I’m retired and undertook the course because I am interested in the subject matter. Do I still need to complete the survey?

Yes, we’d still like you to complete the survey so we can build a comprehensive record of what our students do after graduation. You can let us know that you’re doing 'something else' in section A of the survey.

I’m volunteering. Are you interested in that?

Yes, there's an opportunity in the survey to let us know that you’re undertaking voluntary work.

Click here to complete the survey (You will need your student ID, which can be found in the email sent to you.)

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