Creative Media offers a full range of design services.

Graphic design
You’ve probably already noticed our graphic design offering around the campus and the city. Our new design team have been producing extraordinary work; from giant billboards, building-sized screens, banners, animations, and reports; to full-scale multi-channel campaigns. 

Editorial design
This sub-category of design refers to work produced for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Editorial design has a huge impact on how information is understood.

Creative Media is proud to produce and print the University’s alumni and friends magazine Old Joe. The team tap into their editorial expertise to produce clean, professional, and readable design.

Integrated design
The days of prioritising graphic design for print and then applying it to other media as an after-thought are over. We understand that your print design brief may also need to be an accessible online document, web-first, or need promotional social media assets to promote it. Or perhaps it relates to video content that will require consistent graphics. No problem.

Our team of multi-disciplinary designers are well-rounded creatives who bring years of experience across various industries to every project they work on. They understand and weave the golden threads of visual aesthetics, accessibility, brand, and relevance together to help make your project a success.

Layouts and reports
Creative Media’s offering includes attractive and professional design for reports and documentation. Creating a visually appealing report will help to connect with audiences and make a lasting impression.

Illustration is about using art to tell a story. Our team have produced outstanding illustration pieces for the University, including stylised hand-drawn artwork and clean vector infographics.

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Professional Services