Media Training

Our masterclasses simulate the experience of giving a real media interview — with cameras, lights, and of course, the tension!

The training will prepare you for all types of broadcast interviews, including pre-recorded, live, face-to-face and down the line. You will gain experience in:

  • TV interviews (studio and location)
  • Radio interviews (studio and location)
  • Refining your message
  • Semantics: word-by-word building of effective messages
  • Addressing difficult questions
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Injecting energy into your voice
  • How to condense your core message into soundbite length
  • How to cope with an earpiece
  • Coping with not being able to see your interviewer
  • Feedback on your interview technique

All courses are based in our studio facilities, in the Aston Webb Building, on the University of Birmingham Edgbaston campus. We can also run courses on your premises if required.

We tailor each of our courses to the client’s individual requirements, so please contact the Account Management team for an informal chat about your training needs.


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