Contracted Framework Suppliers and New Supplier Setup

Please check here prior to requesting any suppliers to be created/reactivated.

The process for the addition of suppliers to the master database is cut down to a shorter version as everything procedurally will happen within the one system, stemming from the initial requisition.

Contracted Framework Suppliers

The University of Birmingham has a comprehensive list of suppliers whom we already have contracts with. It is strongly advised to use these suppliers wherever possible.

If you have any queries relating to these suppliers, then please contact the relevant category manager on email: 

Details of contracted suppliers are available to everyone online which is also located from within core systems.

Have a supplier added to core systems

To have a supplier added to Core Systems, you will need raise a ticket through the Finance Office Service Desk.  When submitted, your request will be assessed by a Category Manager.

If approved, you will be notified and that you will need to obtain the suppliers company information and bank details - you will be provided with the appropriate documentation needed to be completed by Procurement.  Do not perform this action until authourised by a Procurement Category Manager.

Once you have received the completed documentation back from the Supplier, you must then attach them to the ticket you have raised through the service desk.  You will be notified when the supplier has been set up and that you may place your requisition.

HMRC IR35 Assessments

All new suppliers, where they are individuals, or limited companies that are classified as a “micro business” (companies with fewer than 10 employees and may also be commonly referred to as “one man bands”) are subject and are who are providing a service (i.e. a service is where goods are not being bought.) to the University of Birmingham are required to be assessed by the requisitioner to confirm their working status, so that we can ensure that the correct amount of tax is paid.

Generally, if the supplier in question is being engaged less than three times a year, they are not required to undergo an assessment, so please note this in your requisition in the “Justification” field in core systems if they will be used minimally.  Reviews of the suppliers will happen, so Procurement/Payroll may need to come back to you if we feel that the supplier is being overused in this capacity.

If information that comes back from the supplier where an assessment would be deemed necessary, then you will be notified that you will need to perform one.  This must be completed, or the supplier cannot be added to the system without it.

To complete this assessment, you will need to go to and complete the questionnaire.  Upon completion, you will need to save the form as a Adobe pdf file.  To do this, tick the box next to where it says, “Before you rely on this result, please confirm that you’ve:” and then click “Confirm and Continue”.  Enter the details on the next page as instructed and submit – it will then ask you to save the attachment.  This pdf document must be attached to your requisition, and will not be set up without it.

Should you require any assistance completing this assessment, please contact or

Amendments to Supplier Information.

If you need to make an amendment to a suppliers information in core systems, please raise this through the Finance Office Service Desk.


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