Customer FAQ

 What is the deadline for payment?

Payment is due no later than 30 days from the date on the invoice.

How do I request a copy invoice?

To request a copy invoice please email or telephone 0121 414 3926.

 We need a supplier setup form completing

If you need us to complete a supplier setup form (or similar) to be able to issue us with purchase orders or process our invoices please forward the form to or telephone 0121 414 3926.

 I have changed my address

If you are an existing customer and have changed your address or other contact information please send updated details to or telephone 0121 414 3926.

I am being chased for a paid invoice

If you have received a debt chasing letter concerning an invoice which you have already paid please forward the following details to

  • date the payment was made
  • method of payment
  • value of the payment
  • any reference or other details provided at the time

 My invoice has the wrong VAT treatment

Please send details to or telephone 0121 414 3926.

 Any other invoicing queries

If you have any other queries not addressed in the above information please contact us by email at or by telephoning 0121 414 3926.


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