We understand that supporting your family during a move is a key part of the relocation and settling in process.

Health and wellbeing

Adjusting to a new way of life is a tough challenge.

Moving Planet give a few tips on helping your children prepare for the move. InterNation is a global expats forum where international people can meet, connect and exchange information over the internet - sharing experiences can be a great way to adapt to a new country.

If counselling might be useful for family members, consider calling 111, the NHS helpline, for appropriate advice. Staff can get advice and guidance to help make informed decisions about work and personal issues from the University Advice, Listening and Support service. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy have a database of registered counsellors. The fees charged by counsellors will vary and they will specialise in different issues. Most will offer an initial meeting without charge or at a reduced rate.

Careers advice

Depending on their immigration status, members of your family may want to look for work or look to further their careers. Check if they need a visa.

The government has a new Careers Advice website, which is aimed at both young people and adults. The website provides a wealth of resources to help search for a job, search for a course to support a change in career and pick up tips on cover letters, cv's and applications.

The University is one of the larger employers in the West Midlands and we regularly have part-time and full-time vacancies advertised via our job pages.

Other popular job boards include:

There are many local employment agencies that may be able to help identify short term and permanent roles and these include:


If volunteering in the local community and giving up time to help others is an option, there is additional information on the Government website. The Do-it Trust also has a website that spotlights local opportunities.


If someone in your family is interested in starting their own business, Business Enterprise Support may be able to help and Start your Own Business offer a free start-up pack.

Support with English language

There are many external providers of language tuition in the city. EnglishUK have a course finder.



For any queries please contact the Recruitment Team on 0121 415 9000

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