If you are provided with a relocation allowance then  HM Revenue and Customs offers some guidance on tax and national insurance implications and exemptions. It also offers some worked examples to help you estimate what your costs may be.

Government regulations on moving personal belongings to the UK can be found here. There are also rules on bringing pets into the UK

The University's policy on relocation outlines the conditions for payment and any instances where re-payment of claimed relocation expenses may be required.

Concierge Service

The University operates in an increasingly global market, and to ensure that we provide an excellent onboarding experience for new staff, we offer a Concierge Service to assist with relocation. Working with Gerson Relocation, our Concierge Service can be tailored to the needs of the individual, supporting relocations, whether they are local or international. New members of staff are able to discuss this during the onboarding process. Visit the Intranet page for further information.



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