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Eligibility to work

Your employment will be conditional upon your continued eligibility to live and work in the UK. You must not take up employment until your original documents have been checked and copied by the University.

Please see the eligibility to work document below for further information.

Eligibility to work in the UK

Terms and Conditions

Please see below links to Terms and Conditions. Your offer letter will state which Terms and Conditions you will be working on.

The main terms and conditions documents include information regarding:

  • appointment and requirements of the post
  • salary and pensions
  • hours of work and holidays, as appropriate
  • data protection
  • resignation
  • retirement (see also Later working life and retirement)
  • termination/removal from office

Terms and conditions for Academic and administrative staff | Grades 6 to 10
Terms and conditions for Clinical consultants
Terms and conditions for Support staff | Bands 200 to 500Terms and conditions for Professional Services staff | Grades 2 to 5

Terms and conditions for Academic and administrative staff | Grades 6 to 10
Terms and conditions for Clinical consultants
Terms and conditions for Casual Workers

Professional Standards of Conduct for all staff

Academic and administrative staff on grades 6-10 (excluding clinical consultants)

At its meeting on 27 June 2012, Council approved revised terms and conditions for Academic Teaching, Research and Analogous, Academic Information Services, and Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff.

Academic Teaching Staff
Research and Analogous Staff
Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff
Academic Information Services Staff
(apply only to existing staff on these terms and conditions, not for new appointments) 

Clinical Staff not holding honorary consultant contracts


Clinical consultants

Conditions of employment governing clinical academics holding honorary consultant contracts





Pay progression

Incorporation of senior academic GPs


Appendices 1-7 for academic staff (above) also apply

Support staff on bands 200-500

These are the terms and conditions of employment until 31 October 2023

Conditions of employment governing Support Staff

Professional Services staff on Grade 2-5

These are the terms and conditions of employment from 1 November 2023

Conditions of employment governing Professional Services Staff

Disability and additional needs support

The University is committed to ensuring all staff are treated fairly and that staff with disabilities receive the level of support that is right for them, such as providing specialist equipment or making changes to the physical environment to enable them to carry out their duties.

If you think you may need this type of support or are unsure and would like to talk to someone about this please contact our Employee Disability Service via the Wellbeing Services page.

Please note that as changes/adjustments may take time to consider and implement, you are encouraged to provide as much notice as possible to allow us to take any necessary action prior to your start date.

The nature of your disability may remain confidential but the impact of your disability/any adjustments required in order to accommodate your disability may need to be disclosed to your manager/supervisor.

Wellbeing services

Professional Standards

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Professional Standards of Conduct

These documents set out some standards of conduct expected from staff. The standards are underpinned by principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. In certain circumstances, failure to comply with these policies may lead to disciplinary action.


Professional Services