BEAR GitLab gives researchers at the University a software development platform based on the Git distributed version control system. BEAR GitLab projects can also take advantage of an issue tracker, a wiki, and a continuous integration framework to sit alongside the Git repository.

How do I access BEAR GitLab?

To access BEAR GitLab you should be a member of a GitLab group and this is done by being a member of a BEAR Project that has GitLab acccess. This process is described in the next section. Once your account is a member of a GitLab group you can login at BEAR GitLab using your standard University username and password.

How do I create groups on BEAR GitLab?

To create a group on BEAR GitLab you should go to the IT Service Desk, and select the "Make a request" option and choose "Register a new BEAR/CaStLeS Project". (This option is available to academic staff - if you are a student you should have your supervisor do this.) Please list the full names and usernames of any people you want to be in the group. Please also provide a short description of what the group will be used for. If you are the PI for an existing BEAR project (e.g. for BlueBEAR, RDS, CaStLeS compute, etc.) then you can request a GitLab group be created for this project and this request should be made through "Add BEAR Services".

Help on using BEAR GitLab

BEAR GitLab provides extensive documentation on the many features available and, if you are unfamiliar with using either Git or BEAR GitLab, a good starting point is the GitLab basics section.

How is BEAR GitLab different from GitHub?

Some researchers will already be familiar with, and use, GitHub. If you have used GitHub then these are the differences between the two:

  • BEAR GitLab stores the data on site here at the University. The data is replicated between two data centres.
  • BEAR GitLab only provides repository access via https. If you require automated access then you should use personal access tokens.
  • BEAR GitLab provides private repositories for all.
  • BEAR GitLab has a limit of ten projects per group. If you need more than this please contact us.

If you require help using BEAR GitLab

Please log a call via the IT Service Desk, and select the "Make a request" option and choose "Other BEAR Request".

Last updated: 18 July 2019