Introduction to Linux (for using BlueBEAR)

Getting started with command line Linux can be a daunting task for some. We're now running a new course called BEAR Introduction to command line Linux which is designed to get you up and running. The course is aimed at both research staff and research students to help you get the most out of BlueBEAR. Using command line Linux is essential when working with the BlueBEAR service. View the slides for the course.


We are pleased to announce that the next BEAR Introduction to command line Linux (Introduction to Linux (for using BlueBEAR) ) workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 May 2019 from 09:30-12:30. Please register your interest to attend the workshop.


Introduction to Linux Canvas course 

 Who is it for?

  • Both research staff and students
  • No experience necessary - those with an interest in getting started with using command line Linux

Summary of the topics covered

  • Basic of logging in to remote systems and using graphical applications
  • Command line basics such as file moving, deleting
  • Linux file permissions
  • Basic file editing from Linux


There are no prerequisites for this course, however you will need to register for the BlueBEAR service prior to the course. Full details will be provided when we confirm you registration on the course.

Remember - you must book a place on the course!