The 3rd BEAR User Forum

The third BEAR User Forum, sponsored by AnsysUK, was held on Thursday 23rd October 2008 in Civil and Mechanical Engineering lecture room G33.

Ian Jones, head of Technical Services at AnsysUK, gave an overview on how the ANSYS simulation tools are being used within the Research Community in conjunction with High Performance Computing. This was complemented by specific results from collaborative research projects. Anna Coppel from Sport and Exercise Sciences gave a specific example of the use of Fluent, an Ansys product, in her work on rowing oar dynamics.

Paul Hatton from IT Services gave a brief introduction to the Microsoft Imagine Cup global student technology competition.

Prof. Andrew Chan in Civil Engineering has agreed to chair a user-led BEAR User Group. Areas of interest to this group may include

  • drawing users together
  • sharing user experience
  • identifying problems
  • proposing further development of software and hardware including licensing issues
  • supporting University initiatives in relevant areas

The draft remit of the group was discussed at this forum, which also saw the formation of the User Group.

The final presentation was given by Paul Hatton describing the recent upgrade of the cluster and the benefits that will follow from this. This will also explain the background to the decision to take the cluster out of service at short notice. Gerd Busker, Clustervision's UK manager, was also present to answer questions.

The forum was followed by lunch, sponsored by AnsysUK. The IT Services BEAR team will be present throughout to answer any questions.

The agenda was as follows:

12.00 Introduction and Welcome12.10 AnsysUK - High Performance Computing and Research -Ian Jones, Head of Technical Services, AnsysUK
12.40 Rowing Oar Blade Fluid Dynamics: The Role of High Performance Computing -Anna Coppel, Sports and Exercise Sciences
13.10 The Microsoft Imagine Cup Student Competition -Paul Hatton, IT Services
13.15 Formation and Remit of the BEAR User Group - Prof. Andrew Chan, Civil Engineering
13.45 Recent service downtime and any other questions -Paul Hatton, IT Services and Gerd Busker, Clustervision
14.15 Lunch


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