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BEAR Software services are provided by the Research Software Group in Advanced Research Computing.

Dr Andrew Edmondson MMath (Oxon), PhD (Birmingham)

Research Software Group Leader

edKnown as "Ed", I started my career as a software engineer and team leader at QinetiQ, after completing an MMath at the University of Oxford. I left QinetiQ to complete a BA in Theology at Birmingham Christian College after which I worked part-time as a senior developer at ApplianSys.

With the rest of my time I began a part-time PhD in New Testament Textual Criticism in the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (ITSEE) at the University of Birmingham supervised by Professor David Parker. The title of my PhD is "An analysis of the coherence-based genealogical method using phylogenetics" and is available online here. I am currently an Honorary Fellow of ITSEE.

In 2016 I joined Advanced Research Computing at the University of Birmingham and founded the Research Software Group.

I was the Programme Chair of the 2019 UK RSE Conference and am chair of the Power AI User Group.

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