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Eligibility Compliance Checks

All employers in the UK are legally bound to comply with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996. All new members of staff (including UK nationals) are required to provide evidence that they are legally able to work in the UK.

Eligibility to work in the UK checks are carried out at the final interview stage (please see further guidance for those staff responsible for undertaking these checks), and the preventing illegal working form that should be completed and returned to your designated administrator following final interviews.

  • Step by step guidance (PDF - 153KB)
  • Preventing illegal working form (PDF 13.9MB)

These checks must be completed, and we should be confident that a prospective employee has the correct eligibility to work in the UK in place, before they undertake any work. This duty forms part of the University’s licence to recruit and retain Non EEA candidates/employees. The consequences of not being able to demonstrate to the Home Office that the University has met this duty could result in the University losing its ability to recruit and retain Non EEA nationals.


University computing and/or network resources are provided for University use only, please contact your Institute Manager or the Head of your budget centre if you require IT resources for another purpose.

To request an email account for a new member of staff who is due to start the line manager or administrator, should open an IT service call by visiting the IT service desk page; click 'make a request'; click 'new email account', and complete a very short form. This request should be made the week prior to the new person starting.

Short terms visitors requiring a UoB email account will need to complete an associate user form (see your local administrator). This may take several days to process so where possible, requests should be made in advance of a visitor's arrival. An ID card will not be issued until this form has been returned and processed.

Remote (external) access to email and documents

Away from the office, your emails can be accessed securely by pasting this link into your browser and signing in using your normal user details: - https://mail.bham.ac.uk/owa/

Should your work mean that you need to access documents on a PC or laptop away from the office, you may request remote access by logging a call with the IT service desk. Access is normally given within 14 days of request.

In the event of extended absence from work, the Institute may need to access your email inbox and the folders on your PC to ensure that Institute business is continued. This access can only be given to a nominated person with the authorisation of the Operations Manager and the Institute’s IT Manager. Further information can be found on the IT intranet pages.

N.B. Never give your username and password in response to an email. IT Services never asks for usernames and passwords using email. If you are suspicious about any email that you receive which you believe to be an attack of this type, and feel that you need to report it, please forward the message to phishing-reports@contacts.bham.ac.uk.


The e-marketplace provides online access to selected supplier catalogues with current University pricing, delivery information and real time product availability (where applicable). Users can fill a shopping basket with goods and automatically ‘checkout’ to the University’s Proactis system. The e-marketplace will replace current paper based systems and make the purchasing process quicker and more accurate. 

Access to this system is by completion of the Proactis User Form which needs to be returned to your Institute Senior Administrator or other designated administrator.

Further information is available from Finance.

Emergency Contacts

Academic Department of Surgery

Internal emergency (crash, fire etc) - 2222

Security (emergency) - 119

Main Campus

Emergency number: 0121 414 4444 (or x4444 from any internal telephone)

Read more: Who to contact in an emergency.

Employee Support Services

The University provides a variety of services to support you in your working life. We can provide advice and support on a range of issues from dealing with mental health issues, to additional resources for staff with additional needs and relationships in the workplace.

More information about the services they offer can be found on their intranet pages.

English Language Requirements

UK Visas and Immigration are no longer accepting the TOEFL English Language test as proof of English language ability from 2015 onwards.

Follow the links before for the most up to date details about English language requirements:

Eploy Casual Fees System

Eploy is a system developed to allow casual work to be set up through an electronic workflow, it will set the assignment up, invite the candidate, place the candidate, create the timesheets and process to payment.

Further information about Eploy, including how to gain access and training guides can be found here (staff login required).

You can access the system at https://www.casualwork.bham.ac.uk/clientarea/login.aspx.

The Casual Workers process can be found here.

Equal Opportunities

The University is proud of its history in the City of Birmingham as an international centre of teaching and research, committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all. The non-discriminatory ethos of the University, which was enshrined in the original Charter of the University when it was established in 1900, remains as strong and vital as ever. Further information on Equal Opportunities within the University can be found on the Equality and Diversity website.

Ethics Review Process Training

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to research integrity, the Ethics Team are offering termly training sessions for any new research staff and postgraduate research students in relation to the central ethics review process.

Full details regarding training sessions and future dates can be found here.


See Organising Events.


All staff expenses are reimbursed through the payroll on a weekly basis following expenses being input onto the Proactis iexpenses system, receipts being verified by the Institute and received by Payroll.  

A full tutorial on the iexpenses system can be found here.

Claims for equipment valued at over £30 cannot be made via expenses. Equipment over £30 must be purchased via the University Purchasing system. All staff claims for expenses must first be viewed and approved by your Institute Manager or designated administratorbefore being processed by the College Finance Office. All claims must be supported by a valid original receipt.

If a member of staff is claiming expenses from a Hub/College account, they will need to complete a paper form and send to the relevant budget holder for signature along with receipts. These are then passed to Finance for them to upload to the system and send on to Payroll.

Service Charge/Tips - It is not possible to reimburse for any tips paid at restaurants. Claims for reasonable service charges up to a maximum of 10% of the value will only be reimbursed if shown on the receipt. The total must be within the maximum allowance. The University policy is not to reimburse tips as they are not seen as a legitimate expense by the tax authorities. ‘Service charge’ relates to fixed costs, e.g. for when there are more than 10 guests and an additional fixed charge is incurred, which is normally the 10% referred to above.

Non-staff expense claims can still be made on the relevant FIN expense claim forms.

A general introduction to Expenses can be found on the Finance Office web site.

More detailed guidance about expenses can be obtained in the Guidance and Procedures Manual - Payment of Expenses. For further advice to help you to avoid common errors when submitting expense claims, see the document "Why has my Proactis expense claim been rejected?"

External Examining (Taught Provision)

The University of Birmingham's Code of Practice on External Examining (Taught Provision) can be found here: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/Documents/university/legal/external-examiner-system.pdf.

Eye Test

See Sight Test.

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