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ID Cards

The University issues photo identity cards to all its students and staff. ID Cards should be worn at all times, whilst you are on University premises. The card has several different functions: proof of ID, acting as a University library card, acting as a membership card for the Munrow Sports Centre, operating building access control systems and operating car park barriers.

Cards are issued at the Security Office at the rear of the Aston Webb building, or by Human Resources on the ground floor of the Aston Webb building, in room G18 in B block (any queries please call 0121 414 3000 ext 19427). If you lose your card, a replacement can be purchased from the Security Office at a charge of £10.

Medical School

If you need to have an ID card programmed for access around the Medical School, please contact colmds-facilities@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

For new students who require their cards to be programmed, please email Suzanne in advance with full names, dates of study and areas of access required as soon as this information is known.

Dental School

ID cards issued to The School of Dentistry staff will also give access to the Birmingham Dental Hospital.

UHB - Access is not available for several areas in the UHB unless a Trust ID card has been specificall issued.


This is the official University system for registering staff expense claim forms. See Expenses for more information.


All new starters will complete a University induction followed by a College of MDS induction and finally a local induction within the first few days of their appointment. 

New starters are encouraged to visit the University’s New Starters web pages via the HR staff intranet site. A link is available to the online Induction for new staff and this site contains useful information about the University and the facilities and information sources available. It complements the local induction within the Institute and the Central Introduction to the University sessions run for new staff.

A flowchart is available here to guide managers through the new staff online induction process.

Information Security

See Data and Information Security.

Information Security Awareness Training

The University is required to provide security awareness training for all staff and an online course is available via the Canvas virtual learning environment. This course is aimed at giving you the essential information that you will need to protect yourself and work effectively and securely. 

To access the training directly, go to https://canvas.bham.ac.uk/enroll/CL373G. Or go to the Information Security Training page on the intranet at https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/it/security/training.aspx
and click on the Canvas link there. 

Security policies, standards and guidance are available on the IT Services Policy and procedures page and the IT Policy Affirmation System page.

Institute Contacts

Institute of Applied Health Research
Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research
Institute of Clinical Sciences
Institute of Inflammation and Ageing & Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Institute of Microbiology and Infection

Inter-library Loan

If material is not held in any Library Services library, they will endeavour to find a copy for you from elsewhere.

In order to request an interlibrary loan, you will need a unique Pre-paid Voucher Number. These vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase and can only be used once. You may be able to obtain these vouchers from your Institute or you can purchase one from the Main Library, Barnes Library, Education Library, the Shakespeare Institute or Orchard Learning Resource Centre or by telephoning Library Customer Support on 0121 414 5828. Institutes or departments wishing to purchase pre-paid voucher numbers using their Institute Information Fund should contact library-acquisitions@bham.ac.uk. Alternatively purchase orders should be marked for the attention of the Document Supply Team.

For further information go to the Interlibrary Loans and Document Supply page.

International Staff

Staff members who are relocating to Birmingham from outside of the UK subsequent to accepting an offer of employment, or who are currently considering applying for a position at the University may benefit from visiting the relevant pages on the Human Resources intranet dedicated to offering an additional resource to these personnel.

Find out more

International Visitors

Any visitor who is hoping to visit the University of Birmingham who is not a national of an EEA country or Switzerland, regardless of the reason or duration of the visit, must be assessed by ISAS prior to any formal invite being made. A Visa Assessment Form (VAF, Documents available here) must be completed (your local Administrator or Institute Administrator will be able to help you with this process):

What YOU need to do:

  • Ring MDSVisas on 01214148330 to discuss your visitor/s and what to expect from the process.
  • Complete (or ask your visitor to complete) a Visa Assessment Form (VAF) as soon as the visit is being planned.  Where the VAF indicates that additional documents are required, attempt to obtain these but don’t delay submitting the VAF if these aren’t readily available.
  • Ideally the VAF form should be completed and sent to ISAS 3 months before the visit. Any earlier risks a change in the law during processing and any later risks non-completion of the assessment or delay of the visit.
  • The completed form can then be submitted to your relevant Institute Administrator who can review the form and can also liaise with MDS Visas to ascertain if any further action needs to be taken. You may also submit directly to MDSVisas if you wish.
  • If the paperwork is complete and accurate, MDS Visas will request an assessment from the ISAS and will subsequently notify you of their assessment outcome. (ISAS = International Students Advisory Service - the team responsible for processing Visa Assessments for all UoB visitors).

The Visa Assessment, once submitted to ISAS, is usually complete within 10 working days. However, if further actions are needed this timescale can be extended substantially (e.g. if the case is referred to non-standard admissions or HR)


Specific or complex queries (about the process or specific cases) can be directed to your relevant Institute Administrators or by phone or email to MDSVisas (01214148330, MDSVisas@contacts.bham.ac.uk) in the first instance.

In cases where no permissions or incorrect visas have been obtained, a compliance report will be completed and sent to the University Institutional Compliance Group which reports to the University Executive Board and potentially to the UKVI (previously UK Border Agency).

Please note, neither MDSVisas, nor ISAS, are able to give visa advice to UoB staff travelling abroad. ISAS are experts in UK Immigration Law but not the laws or application procedures in other countries. See Foreign Travel for more information.


See Email/Internet.

Internships and Short Term Career Development Opportunities

In March 2013, guidance was issued setting out the minimum pay and practice standards to be followed when offering students, graduates and occasionally Institute students structured career development opportunities within the University.

The issuing of this guidance was in recognition of the wide variety and number of such arrangements that exist across the University and was designed to bring about a core level of consistency in these arrangements. The guidance not only sets out the good practice that will ensure a positive experience for those participating but also denotes the clear legal standards that need to meet in order to operate without risk. Also see Summer Studentships and always ensure you comply with visa requirements (see Visitors - student for more visa information).

IT Backup

Data held on the College server is backed up on a daily basis by the IT Services Team. Staff are encouraged to save their data on the “shared folder” or their individual “user folders” on the server if they want to ensure such data is being backed up as data held locally will not be backed up in case of a failure. Note that only University approved data sticks can be used as this ensures compliance with the Data Protection Act regarding encryption. Data sticks can be requested through the IT service desk, subject to approval. (See also Information Security).

Anyone who inadvertently deletes a file stored on the server should contact the IT Service Desk, x 47171 which will be able to arrange for a back up copy to be recovered.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk can either be contacted on 0121 414 7171 or through the online page www.itservicedesk.bham.ac.uk.

Academic Department of Surgery

All computers are owned by UoB but use the UHB operating system with a remote access to UoB systems. They have a Trust and UoB IT Help desk.

The UHB Help desk is on a link on the desktop.

The number to call is ext 2199.

IT Support

IT problems/faults/requests/general queries

For any IT problems/faults/requests/general queries, the best option is to log a call via the online IT service desk. Alternatively, during normal work hours you can telephone the IT service desk on extension 47171 (from an external line telephone 0121 414 7171).

IT equipment and software - purchasing

Should you wish to purchase any IT equipment or software, please log an IT service desk call detailing the equipment or software you wish to purchase. IT will then provide you with details of suitable/approved products and a quote. Please do not purchase any IT/computing equipment or software without going via IT.

General information

University computing and/or network resources are provided for University purposes which means: 'those concerned with undergraduate, postgraduate or other courses, research, personal education, development, administration or other work authorised by the Head of Budget Centre.'

A copy of the University's IT policies, standards and guidance can be accessed at: https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/it/governance/policy/index.aspx.

The University of Birmingham General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities document can be accessed at: https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/it/documents/public/General-Conditions-of-Use-of-Computing-and-Network-Facilities.pdf

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