Frequently asked questions about Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey

I am still at the university, studying another course. Do I need to complete the survey?

Yes, the survey is for all those who graduated, including those who have returned to university to study another course.

I’m a teacher. Do I need to fill in section C?

You only need to complete section C if you gained qualified teacher status (QTS) from the course you completed six months ago.

I did not intend to work after my qualification. I’m retired and undertook the course because I am interested in the subject matter. Do I still need to complete the survey?

Yes, we’d still like you to complete the survey so we can build a comprehensive record of what our students do after graduation. You can let us know that you’re doing 'something else' in section A of the survey. 

I’m volunteering. Are you interested in that?

Yes, there's an opportunity in the survey to let us know you’re undertaking voluntary work.

Click here to complete the survey (You will need your student ID, which can be found in the email sent to you.)

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