School Processes for Grant Development and Approvals

Internal milestones are listed below which must be met prior to the submission of any external funding application.

Once you inform us that you are interested in applying for a funding opportunity, we will draw up a timeline to help keep you on track. The indicative timeline below shows the key steps involved and likely timescales, although these may have to be altered depending on the complexity of the call.

Please notify your CRSO Research Facilitator according to these general timescales:

For bids led by CoSS
  • 4 weeks for small grants or tenders 
  • 6 weeks for mid-range applications 
  • 12 weeks for large-scale applications
   For Co-I costings (externally-led)

  • 3 working days to provide costs to external Lead Organisation

Your Research Facilitator will need to know the following in order to provide a costing for an externally-led grant:

    • start date for each person (named or unnamed)
    • duration of post
    • level of involvement (e.g. full time, 2 days per week, etc...)
    • Funder and specific call
    • (Working) title of the research project

Planning your project: Approval to bid

12 weeks before submission: Talk to your Head of Department and CRSO

  • Discuss your project idea and intention to apply for funding with your Head of Department (HoD).
  • Agree your FTE commitment to the project with your Head of Department in writing.
  • Discuss funding options with your Research Facilitator at this point for guidance. We will help you to identify a funder and grant suitable for your project and the resources required.

Social Policy only

  • Applications require an EoI form to be submitted to the Head of School, DoR and HoD before proceeding to application.
  • Obtain this form and details of the process from your DoR or HoD.

Timescales for approvals

  • For standard grants or open calls with no deadline, you should aim to engage in early planning around 10-12 weeks before submission.
  • Directed calls usually have around 8 weeks between opening and submission. Please obtain approval to apply as soon as the call guidance is published, and ideally no less than 6 weeks before the deadline. Discuss plans with CRSO at the same time.

8 weeks before submission: Plan the Application with your Research Facilitator

  • Contact CRSO by emailing or email your Facilitator directly. You can find individual contact details on our Research Grant Support page.
  • Please talk to CRSO as soon as you have approval to bid, and forward the email from your HoD for our records.
  • Your Research Facilitator will guide you through funder options (if not already decided) and indicate key aspects of the chosen funder and grant to be aware of.

Writing your grant application

7 weeks prior to deadline: Drafting Application

Timeline: We will send you a personalised timeline for you to help keep you on track.

Guidance: Familiarise yourself with the application process and call guidance, particularly for directed calls.

Draft Application: write the first draft of your grant proposal according to the call guidance. You may find our guidance for drafting a strong application useful.

Portal: Register an account on the application portal (if relevant)

Links to frequently used portals:

5 weeks prior to deadline: Internal peer review

Arrange for two internal colleagues to read your detailed project proposal and provide comments.

Share feedback with CRSO and act on comments received.

The Director of Research and Peer Review stage may vary according to your School. Your Research Facilitator will provide details of what is required. 

This stage will take around 2 weeks for the review, plus 1 week to incorporate feedback into your revised draft.

4 weeks prior to deadline: Budget

Send list of budget items including staff time to Research Office to prepare costings.

Please alert CRSO if external co-applicants are involved and indicate FTE commitments at least 4 weeks before deadline, in order for CRSO to have time to obtain external costings.

See our Budget planning resources in the budget accordian and guidance on FEC.

We aim to have a completed budget 10 working days before the external deadline. This enables CRSO to input the budget to the grant portal and check for consistency with the resource justification.

5 working days prior to deadline: Internal Deadline

Full and Final version of the application form including all attachments completed 5 working days before the deadline.

CRSO Office Check: Full application available for non-technical checks by CRSO. Returned to applicant if corrections are needed.

Application is shared with DoR (depending on School) and HoD for final confirmation of time commitments, finalisaiton of any internal statements of support and budget.


Submission to Funder by PI or CRSO Research Facilitator.


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