College Research Support Office (CRSO)


Your research support office

Your College Research Support Office (CRSO) is here to help you with your external funding proposals for research and consultancy activities.

Examples of the type of support we offer include:

  • Finding the best funder and scheme for your idea.
  • Advising on the call requirements (including any technical aspects), including drawing on past experience.
  • Advising you of internal approval processes.
  • Providing examples of previous success (where available).
  • Discussing your resource requirements and organising your budget, including Financial sign off.
  • Completing online submission forms.
  • Making sure any Terms and Conditions are reviewed by the University.
  • Coordinating the relevant contracting arrangements upon award.

Please do get in touch with us as soon as you have an idea for a project or have seen a funding scheme of interest. Early engagement means that we can set up the overall application process to run effectively and create the best possible conditions for your success.

 Contact the Team

david-eDavid Evans
College Research Support Partner
Tel: 0121 414 8884 (ext. 48884)





richardRichard Gough
Research and Knowledge Transfer Facilitator       Business School and School of Education
Tel: 0121 414 4978 (ext. 44978)





Liz Potts
Research and Knowledge Transfer Administrator   Business School and School of Education
Tel: 0121 414 3422 (ext. 43422)

Alana Tomlin
Research and Knowledge Transfer Facilitator       School of Government and Society and School of Social Policy
Tel: 0121 414 2299 (ext. 42299)




Sonia Large
Research and Knowledge Transfer Administrator   School of Government and Society and School of Social Policy
Tel: 0121 414 7135 (ext. 47135)





Karen Houghton
Research and Knowledge Transfer Facilitator (EU Funding) 
Tel: 0121 414 4998 (ext. 4998)

Karen works in Muirhead Tower (Room 247) on Mondays and Tuesdays


James Sharp 
Research and Knowledge Transfer Facilitator
James is on secondment until October 2016. Please contact Richard Gough for all enquiries related to the Business School and School of Education.


The CRSO office is located on the 2nd Floow, Muirhead Tower, Room 247


Research Funding Opportunities

We publish monthly research opportunities highlighted in the College E-Newsletter.


Research ProfessionalYour Research Funding Database

The College of Social Sciences has a Social Science Funding Opportunities mini site on Research Professional, where you can click on custom built searches of funding opportunities that are relevant to research within the College of Social Sciences. We also bookmark interesting opportunities on this page.

For further information about Research Professional, including an introduction to using the database effectively, please contact Sonia Large.



For further information about CRSO, read their 'Meet the Team' article. 


This page is edited by Sonia Large. 

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