Worklink - the University's internal student recruitment agency

Worklink – the University's internal student recruitment agency

Worklink increases the accessibility and number of casual work opportunities to the University’s students, providing compliant processes around the recruitment and payment to Students. 

Worklink held its Launch Event at the agency, based in the Guild of Students, on 12 September 2012, the event was attended by many of the Universities hiring managers.

Since its launch Worklink has achieved:

  • Over 1200 Students registered on-line for work at
  • 463 placements for Students
  • 995 on-line timesheets have been processed
  • Over 5,600 hours have been worked, with over £47k being paid to our Students.

Worklink have secured a further six future campaigns with opportunities for 65 Students.

Here are some of the Testimonials received from the Universitie's hiring managers and students:

"Thank you very much for your offer! I'm thrilled and have been ringing everyone I know to brag about my new job!" Hollie Saliba, student

"The timesheets are amazing, it is so easy it has saved me four hours per week filling out forms. It’s great that students can do their timesheets from home rather than making a trip to the office". Jessica Holloway Swift, Student Engagement Officer

"Worklink have been a pleasure to work with, the service that they offer is efficient and professional. I am really impressed by the quality and quantity of students they recruited in not much turnaround time". Roshni Barot, Marketing and Communications Assistant 

"The staff I had working with me from Worklink were fantastic, they arrived promptly and were kind and courteous throughout". Stuart Burridge, Hospitality Bars Manager

To recruit a Student for your casual work, please call the team on 01214145000 or email  

Worklink work alongside Job Zone who advertise external job opportunities for students.


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