Party Conferences 2012

The University is holding fringe events at the Labour and Conservative party conferences.

Labour party conference 30 September to 4 October

Manchester Central, Manchester

Is nuclear energy the answer?

Monday 1 October 8.00am - Central 4 (within the secure zone)

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath – Chair of the Birmingham Policy Commission, The Future of Nuclear Energy in the UK (Chair) @LordPhilofBrum

Tom Greatrex MP – Shadow Energy Minister @tomgreatrexmp

Professor Martin Freer – Director of the Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research 

Geoffrey Lean – Environment Correspondent, The Telegraph 

Stephen Tindale – Commissioner and Associate Fellow at the Centre for European Reform @STindale

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Conservative party conference 7 to 10 October

ICC, Birmingham

How do we make personalised medicine a reality in the NHS?

Monday 8 October 8.15am - Hyatt Hotel (within the secure zone)

Professor Lawrence Young - Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham (Chair)

Professor Jon Glasby - Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham

Professor Mike Griffiths - West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

Professor Nick James - University of Birmingham

Dr David Rosser - UHB NHS Foundation Trust

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How qualified are universities to run schools?

Monday 8 October 6.15pm - Novotel Hotel (outside secure zone)


Professor David Eastwood - Vice-Chancellor, University of Birmingham (chair)

Francis Gilbert - Local Schools Network @wonderfrancis

Greg Hurst - Education Editor, The Times @GregHurstTimes

Professor Edward Peck - Head of College of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham

Kevin Courtney - Deputy General Secretary, National Union of Teachers

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Wealth: are we all in it together?

Tuesday 9 October 8.15am - The ICC Hall 7B (within the secure zone)


David Urquhart - Bishop of Birmingham and Chair of the Birmingham Policy Commission (Chair)

Mark Florman - Director, Centre for Social Justice

Robert Hutton - UK Political Correspondent for Bloomberg @RobDotHutton

Fraser Nelson - Editor, The Spectator @frasernelson

Professor Karen Rowlingson - University of Birmingham

Matthew Sinclair - Chief Executive, Taxpayers' Alliance @mjhsinclair

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