Occupation of Hornton Grange

Statement from the University of Birmingham:

"The University of Birmingham was awarded a possession order by the Court on Monday 3rd February to repossess the Hornton Grange conference centre, which had been occupied by a group of masked protestors since 22nd January. 

The occupiers were acting under the banner of Defend Education Birmingham, a group which is not affiliated to the Guild of Students. The University has worked with the Guild of students over the last 10 days to try and secure a resolution; however as a charity the University is under a duty to protect and preserve its assets and to take out legal action to do so if necessary. 

“The University was granted an injunction in November 2013 following the unlawful occupation of the University’s Senate Chamber and this remains in force, in addition the University has been granted an injunction preventing those involved in the Hornton Grange occupation from further unlawful occupational protests for a period of 12 months. The possession order also covers the rest of campus (excluding residences) in order to prevent those wishing to engage in unlawful occupational protest moving from one building to another. The orders do not prevent lawful peaceful protest on campus. Following the granting of the injunction and possession order the occupiers peacefully vacated Hornton Grange on Monday afternoon.”


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