Suspension statement

Statement from the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has been notified today [Tuesday] that the Crown Prosecution Service will not be proceeding with the prosecutions for violent disorder, aggravated trespass and criminal damage against those arrested and charged following a violent protest that took place at the University of Birmingham on 29th January and resulted in nine members of staff being injured and damage to historic buildings.

As a result, and in line with its policies, the University of Birmingham has reviewed and lifted the remaining suspensions on its students who were arrested or charged in relation to events on 29th January. The University has kept all of the suspensions under review, informed by the ongoing police investigations and changing circumstances. Three of the suspensions were lifted last month following a change in bail conditions, however the serious nature of allegations against the remaining students, which included violent disorder, meant their suspensions remained in force pending the police investigation. Today these suspensions have also been lifted, however the students remain subject to ongoing University disciplinary investigations.

The University of Birmingham continues to uphold the principle of free speech and supports the rights of students and staff to protest peacefully and within the law, indeed there have been many protests on campus that have passed off peacefully and without incident. However, when violence is perpetuated on campus and members of the University community are injured and historic buildings damaged, as occurred on 29th January, the University will continue to take robust action to uphold its responsibility and duty of care to its community. The University hopes that there will be no further incidents of violent or unlawful protest that threaten the safety of staff and students.

The University will not comment further on individual cases.


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