Birmingham Heroes

Birmingham Heroes

The highly successful Birmingham Heroes campaign is back with a striking new feel, designed to showcase Birmingham’s research impact and our determination to make important things happen.

Research that matters

The impact of our research here at Birmingham extends beyond borders, making a tangible difference to people’s lives locally, nationally, and internationally. It is this transnational impact that the Heroes campaign will harness to showcase Birmingham as a truly global University, enhancing our public profile and reputation at home and abroad.

Strategic importance

Heroes is part of our research communications strategy, supporting our Strategic Framework 2015-2020: Making important things happen. Our leading academics and our academic strengths in energy, mental illness, silent killers (disease), character matters (education), and developing Medical Heroes demonstrates our commitment to world-leading and original research in areas of strategic importance not just for us as a University, but for the UK and governments across the world.

Who are our Heroes?

Integral to our research impact are the ‘Heroes’; the academics who are part of a large teaching and research community dedicated to enquiry, debate and change in transforming health, environment and society.

Meet our heroes

How you can get involved

You can support our Heroes campaign by telling us on social media why our research matters to you using the hashtag #thismatters

You can find out more about the campaign by visiting or downloading our Heroes briefing.


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