New School of Engineering

The University of Birmingham announced this week that it will be creating a new School of Engineering, which will be constituted for 2016.

The new School aligns the activities of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering in order to create a multi-disciplinary vibrant environment for outstanding study and research.

Engineering is one of the key drivers for economic growth and continues to demand high quality graduates, world leading research and multi-disciplinary knowledge in order to meet the grand challenges of modern society.

The University of Birmingham is constantly striving to be at the forefront of research excellence, innovative teaching and learning and is committed to an approach that will best enable us to provide research and education in an intellectually rich and well-equipped environment.

The University continues to innovate in order to meet these challenges and builds on a strong disciplinary heritage in key areas of engineering. Where 100 years ago students studied mining and brewing, our graduates must now be prepared to use quantum physics and work alongside highly intelligent robots and automated technologies.


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