Advice for staff travelling

Staff travelling abroad for the purpose of University business:

If, as part of your work, you are planning to travel abroad, or if you are currently out of the UK, please note that the University Insurance Manager receives automatic notifications from both the Foreign Office and the Control Risks Group when any incidents occur. Staff are advised to be vigilant in the light of recent incidents. If you have registered on their Travel Database, and you are travelling to, or have arrived in, an area that has been affected, you should expect them to email you to check your welfare and if you are safe. If you are still planning your travels, please ensure that you register on the Travel Database. The link to the website is

Anyone travelling for personal purposes should refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office webpages for information:

The Global Security Centre (Control Risks Group), linked to the travel policy (a 24/7 operation), can also offer advice about specific security issues prior to travel and also advise staff who are abroad and encounter a situation where they are at risk. They can be contacted by telephone at +44 (0)207 939 8658 or at  The username and password for this is accessible via the main insurance website at as this is a secure site.


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