12 hours of non-stop charity football



On Saturday 18 August, staff from Academic Services and across the University will be playing football for 12 hours non-stop, to raise money for Alderman Knight School in Tewkesbury.

Due to numerous internal and external pressures, the specialist school is struggling to find enough funding to keep their after-school activities running. The activities provide children with the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts, drama, music, computer games, films or simply play and socialise with friends. Children with learning difficulties, complex needs or Autism (ASD) can struggle to access similar activities in the wider community.

 Anthony Steer, who works in IT Services, talks of what it’s like to be a parent of a child with autism, and the importance of having specialist activities, such as those provided by the school:

 “The journey of a parent of a child with Autism is often a bumpy and rocky road. One of the toughest aspects is watching your child in situations you believe all children enjoy, from birthday parties to fun fairs to activities at leisure centres and sports. My son would often stand in the corner on his own chewing the sleeves of his jumper or shirt until it was soaked and ripped. For him, it was too overwhelming and the social rules were baffling and confusing. He always seemed to get it wrong, and he just didn’t know why.

 “Organised activities are often not staffed by people with adequate training, meaning he could not access activities that most parents and children take for granted. Staff at Alderman Knight School are highly skilled and go above and beyond to ensure all children have a positive experience. The after-school activities have had such a massive impact on my son; I really hope they can continue.”

 This year we want to make a real difference and keep the invaluable after-school services running for these children.

 To find out how you can support the campaign please visit our crowdfunding  JustGiving webpage


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