Teaching spaces across campus undergo refurbishment

Teaching room refurb 480x343
Room 250 in the Arts Building (top) and WS18 in the Medical School (bottom) before and after the refurbishment.

£4 million invested in updated teaching spaces

A programme to centralise teaching spaces across the campus took place over the summer break, with 80 college-owned rooms being  added to the existing portfolio of over 160 rooms already managed by Academic Services.

A total of £4 million has been made  available to improve these spaces, and over the summer 49 rooms were refurbished, with 31 rooms being improved in the coming year. The refurbishment included:

  • New lighting
  • Redecoration
  • New furniture
  • New audio-visual equipment
  • Upgraded wifi
  • Digital signage
  • Lecture capture as standard

The rooms will now have dedicated and standardised support in order to  enhance the experience of both staff and students. All bookings will now be through Academic Services,  allowing an improvement in space utilisation.


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