The Agent and UCAS portals display the latest application  information, including the state of the application and whether any documents are outstanding. These update automatically and applications are always processed as soon as possible. Before making an enquiry, please take the time to check the portal and read the FAQ's below. 

Enquiries do not need to be made for the folowing:

  • to request an update on the status of an application - the current status can be seen on the portal.
  • to confirm whether academic conditions have been met - only an officer can confirm this and the application status will be updated once this has been done.
  • to verify receipt of documents - if you can see it in the portal then we have recieved it.
  • to verify a reference - we can have a look at a reference to see if there are any obvious issues (e.g. source of reference) but we cannot say for sure if a reference will be accepted.

Issuing a CAS

We will issue a CAS as soon as possible. We can only prioritise a CAS if there is a problem.

Making offers unconditional

If the terms of the offer are met, the offer will be made unconditional automatically and this can be viewed in the relevant portal.

Uploading documents

All documents must be uploaded in the portal, not by email. Once uploaded it will be visible in your portal which verifies that we have recieved it.

It can take time to process evidence of meeting the terms of their offer but as soon as this has been processed, the application will be updated.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact the relevant International Officer for your region or alternatively use the enquiry form below. You should expect to recieve a response from the enquiry form within 3 working days.




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