Overseas Fieldwork

This page brings together resources, support and signposting to help postgraduate researchers undertaking fieldwork overseas.

Webpages and resources

Workplace Wellbeing: Research Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans (RAMPs)

RAMPs are a form of risk assessment that has been developed specifically with non-laboratory research in mind, for example fieldwork or research in challenging environments. This page provides information, documentation and templates.

Research Support Services: Overseas Research Risks and Safety

Where you are planning research that involves overseas fieldwork, it is important to give early thought to the risks that you might face, and how to keep safe. This page provides you with information and guidance on how to do this.

Health and Safety Guidance: Travel & Work Abroad and Guidance for the Safe Conduct of Fieldwork, Expeditions and Outdoor Activities

This guidance is designed to raise awareness of the risks that may be faced when travelling abroad and conducting fieldwork, and gives advice on steps that should be taken to minimise those risks, taking into account the requirements of relevant legislation.

CoSS: Postgraduate Research Hub Risk Management and Mitigation page and CoSS: Post Award Team Research Risk Assessment page

This guidance has been developed with social science researchers in mind.


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