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Last updated on: 18/08/2022

Use this page to upload a copy of the biometric (photo) page of your passport as soon as you have received your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Example document

Here is a sample image of the Passport Biometric page that need you to upload for this form:

Please note that the page may look slightly different depending on your country's style of passport, however it should be the page with your photo and personal details. 

Passport for Webpage

*Image requirements:

  1. Please note that PDF format is not accepted; jpg. and png. format are recommended.
  2. The uploaded image should be in vertical orientation and include the full two pages of the biometric (photo) page as shown in the example.
  3. Make sure the information is clearly visible and readable without reflection or glare.



Continuing Students

You should only upload documents if you are a new student, or if you are a continuing student who has received a new passport or visa since your last Right to Study check. Continuing students with no changes to their visa do not need to upload any documents.


Upload your passport

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Not sure what you need to upload? See our visa guides to help you understand which documents are relevant for you.



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