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Last update on 18/08/2022

Please use this page to upload any other required documents such as boarding pass and the university offer letter. Check out the Guides by visa type page for what documents you need to upload. If you are due to collect your BRP, make sure you fill in the form below to indicate your BRP collection point, which you can find in your Home Office Decision Letter. 

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Example documents

University Offer Letter

Here is a sample image of the university offer letter:

Please make sure your univeristy offer letter includes the start and end date of the course.Offer letter for webpage


Boarding Pass

Here are the sample images of the boarding pass:

Please make sure your boarding pass includes your name and your arrival date.Boarding pass real oneBoarding pass ver 2

*Image requirements:

  1. Please note that PDF format is not accepted; jpg. and png. format are recommended.
  2. Make sure the information is clearly visible and readable without reflection or glare.

Continuing Students with Exceptional Assurance (Covid-19)

If you are a continuing student and have requested by email for Exceptional Assurance (short term protection) from the UKVI CIH Team due to Covid-19 reasons/travel restrictions, then you must upload evidence of this request and confirmation of EA being issued showing your new EA expiry date.

Please upload your email request that you sent to the CIH Team to show date and also your issued Exceptional Assurance confirmation document - both in the upload section below as this will be a new change in your visa status following your current visa expiring. We require evidence of any changes to your visa for completing our Right to Study checks. 

Please note continuing students with no changes to their current visa status do not need to upload any documents in this section.

Upload your Supporting Documents

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Not sure what you need to upload? See our visa guides to help you understand which documents are relevant for you.



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