Upload your Visa Sticker (Vignette), Stamp or Boarding Pass

Last Update on: 18/08/2022

Use this page to upload a copy of the visa sticker (also called a vignette) in your passport. It should include the ink date stamp you received from a Border Officer when you entered the UK, for example at the airport.

If you did not receive an ink dated stamp when you entered the UK, you must upload other evidence of your arrival in the UK, such as your boarding pass or travel ticket.

Example documents

Visa Sticker (Vignette)

Here is a sample image of the visa sticker (vignette) that you need to upload for this form:

 Visa Vignette for Webpage

The visa number is highlighted in red, the visa type in green, and the validity dates in blue. You should make sure that the image includes the full dated ink stamp you received from a Border Officer.

Entry Stamp

If you are a Non-Visa National you should upload an image of your Short Term Study Stamp:

Please make sure you include a full page of your passport and the passport number is included in it as shown in the example. 

 Stamp not on the vignette for webpage

Boarding Pass

If you entered UK via the e-gate border and did not get a stamp on your vignette or the passport, please upload your boarding pass instead. Please make sure your boarding pass includes your name and your arrival date. Here are some examples of the boarding pass:Boarding pass real one

Boarding pass ver 2

*Image requirements:

  1. Please note that PDF format is not accepted; jpg. and png. format are recommended.
  2. Make sure the information is clearly visible and readable without reflection or glare.

Online Visa

If you are holding an online visa and are required to upload the proof of arrival on this page, please fill in your share code in the 'Visa number' of the form. Also fill in your online visa valid dates in 'Valid from' and 'Valid until' box in the form. 


Continuing Students

You should only upload documents if you are a new student, or if you are a continuing student who has received a new visa since your last Right to Study check. Continuing students with no changes to their visa do not need to upload any documents.


Upload your visa sticker (vignette)

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Not sure what you need to upload? See our visa guides to help you understand which documents are relevant for you.


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