Student Route visa Booklet

This guide explains your responsibilities as a student sponsored by the University of Birmingham under the Student Route visa and provides information on protecting your immigration status in the UK.  If you have been assigned a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and use it to apply for a visa and you are granted a visa, it will be a Student Route visa.

It is important that you understand and comply with the responsibilities of your student visa and co-operate with the University in fulfilling our shared duties. Any breach could have serious implications to your studies and continued stay in the UK.

This booklet includes the following information:

  • University Sponsor Duties
  • Student Duties (your Right To Study (RTS), engagement & conditions of your visa)
  • Information you require before travelling to the UK
  • Arriving at the University
  • How to collect your BRP
  • Your studies (academic engagement, absence , taking a leave of absence or authorised absence, work placement , changing your course, withdrawing from your studies)
  • How to extend your Student Route visa
  • Working in the UK
  • Safety of your Immigration Documents
  • Lost passport or BRP
  • Changes to your circumstances
  • Graduate Route

Please download the full document here: Manual Section Student Visa Route booklet working final


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