Visas for visiting the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is proud to invite esteemed visitors from all over the world, to engage with our staff in teaching, research, collaboration and business. In order to ensure that our visitors apply for and travel on the correct visas, we conduct visa assessments. These assessments take into account the type of visitor, the duration of the visit and the activities to be conducted.

If you are due to travel to the University of Birmingham and are not a citizen or national of the EEA or Switzerland, please contact the School staff member who would like to invite you and ensure they have arranged an internal visa assessment for your visit. You are not required to contact the IST directly as the visa assessment request must be arranged by the School.


 Non-Visa Nationals

If you are a citizen of a country not considered a "Visa National" Country (some examples include the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore) you may be used to travelling to the UK without applying for a visa in advance (for visits of less than 6 months).  You are still required to have a visa assessment completed to visit the University of Birmingham.  Please contact the School staff member who would like to invite you for this to be arranged internally.

Please see the Standard Visitor route webpage for information about this visa. You can also use the Government webpage for checking what type of visa you may need for your type of visit.




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