Is it time to talk? We're here for you

Whether you call, text or chat to us online, here's how UBHeard can help you.

We all need support sometimes. Whether you’re struggling with your studies or feeling homesick, talking about how you are feeling can really help. That’s why we are asking you if it’s ‘Time to Talk?’

The last 19 months have been a difficult time, particularly for students. From your feedback, we know that we can do more to support you and shape your university experience – and that’s why together we’re 'Making it Happen'.

One of the areas we have invested in is around our mental health and wellbeing services here at the University of Birmingham.

Over the next three weeks, under our new campaign ‘Time to Talk?’, we will be putting the spotlight on those free services and who you can go to if you need to speak to someone - whether that’s in person or online. 

First up is UBHeard... 

What is UBHeard?

Available to all registered students, UBHeard is a confidential listening and support service that gives you immediate emotional and mental health support 24/7, 365 days a year. So now, you can access the help you need, whenever and however you want. With a diverse range of practitioners, you can speak to someone about a wide range of issues that may be impacting your mental health or wellbeing.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, get free confidential support 24/7 and in a range of languages.

Reach out by:

  • Phone: 0800 368 5819 or 00353 1 518 0277 (International)
  • Live chat by logging through the UBHeard portal
  • Text - just message ‘Hi’ to 0035387 369 0010 for SMS & WhatsApp Support (standard rates apply) 

Here’s what some of you had to say about UBHeard: 

"Using UBHeard improved my self-awareness, and self-confidence and gave me the coping strategies and positive self-talk to deal with my anxiety."

"I found it helpful to have someone to talk to about my problems through UBHeard."

We're #HereForYou

UBHeard is just one of many ways in which your feedback has shaped the services available to you, and it’s already been accessed by hundreds of students this semester. Look out for the second ‘Time to Talk?’ email next week on how our Wellbeing Officers can help and support you, and other services that are available to support your general wellbeing. 

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Part of the 'Making it Happen' campaign.


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