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In our last email we busted some myths around Careers Network and now we’re putting the spotlight on the team and how they can help you.

Thinking about the future can be scary but getting support and advice shouldn’t be. Whether you know what you want to do or need some inspiration, our friendly Careers Advisors can help you. 

There’s something for everyone

If you’re not sure what stage of the career’s journey you’re at then take our quick and easy online quiz to see which of these three stages you fit into:


You’re not alone, it’s common to not know what you want to do just yet. Over 40% of students are at this stage, but Careers Network can chat with you to explore your options.


So you know what you want to do and now you need a plan of action. Don’t worry, the Careers Network experts are here to help you plan your next steps.


You have your plan, and now it’s time to put it into action and start applying for opportunities. The team at Careers Network can help you create the perfect application so you stand out from the crowd. Start applying today

Accessing support

It’s easy for you to talk to the team in a way that suits you. Whether that’s through a 1:1 online appointment or face-to-face with a careers advisor, hear about the different ways you can get in touch with Careers Network.

 Video of how easy to access


Upcoming events

Careers Network can help you unlock your potential. Come along on Tuesday 22 or Wednesday 23 March (1-3pm, Room G30 in the Aston Webb building) and meet the team to learn more. No need to book, just pop along!

Your Careers Network

The team at Careers Network also offer the following tailored services.

  • The Birmingham Project – A unique opportunity for first year students to work on a collaborative group project with employers, to help enhance your skills, discover your strengths and develop your confidence.
  • Work experience and internships – A wide range of placements to help support your career aspirations. From summer internships to voluntary work and work shadowing there’s opportunities for everyone.
  • B-enterprising – Unlock your hidden talents and gain real-life business experience. From starting your own business, to developing your entrepreneurial skills, learn the essential tools needed for today's job market.
  • Personal Skills Award (PSA) – An employability programme for Undergraduate students. This scheme gives you the chance to gain points by taking part in either online courses, modules, work experience or on campus activities.
  • Postgraduate careers - Get support and explore your career options, plan your next steps and apply for whatever what you want to do after your studies.

For final year students 

  • Application support – Throughout the process, including CV writing, LinkedIn, application forms, interviews and assessment centres.
  • Careers connect – Searching for jobs and opportunities, booking 1:1 appointments and events is easy via the dedicated online careers portal.
  • Impact internships - This summer, experience the excitement of working in a start-up, small to medium sized enterprise, or social enterprise paid role. Applications close Sunday 13 March so get applying today!

Unlock your Potential with Careers Network today and see how they can help you.

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