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The Final Push – You’ve got this

Welcome to your third and final UoBe Ready email! With the main assessment period close at hand, we have some more top tips and advice to help you get ready as you step into exams and assessments.

Read on to find out what to expect from online assessments and how you can best prepare for them, wherever you may be. We know that this period can be a stressful time, no matter how prepared you are but try not to worry. However, if you do feel overwhelmed about assessments, there is support available. Find out more about how we’re here for you.

Ahead of exams, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the rules. Read on to make sure your exams go smoothly. Make sure you check your exam timetable on the MyUoB app or on the exam timetable website to see where and when your assessments are happening. Some exams that were previously in person may now be online; if you are in doubt, you can also check with your school office.

You’re almost there, but there’s still time to find out how you can #UoBeReady!

For more useful information and guidance, visit the UoBe Ready student intranet page.


Online Exams: what to expect

As online exams become more frequent due to the pandemic, it’s important you know how best to prepare for them as rules and regulations will be different from “on-campus” exams. 

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Exam Rules and Conduct

Don’t put your degree at risk. Check what rules and regulations are in place, particularly online and for “open-book” exams. Make sure you read the latest on exam rules and pay special attention to specific online exam rules.

You can check what the rules are for online exams on the intranet page. Make sure you know the specific requirements for your exam by checking with your school or department.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

If you are feeling stressed about assessments or another part of your life, there is support available at the University. Whatever you’re facing, if you’re struggling, we’re #HereForYou. Don’t bottle it up, find the right wellbeing service for you and talk to us.

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Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

One of the most essential parts of any assessment, particularly essays, is academic integrity (honesty and acknowledging the work of others) and making sure there is no risk of plagiarism. Find out everything you need to know on conduct, your one-stop-shop on how to make sure you’re within student regulations.

Why not also check out the plagiarism canvas course? This is a great way to hone your skills and help you spot any pesky moments where you might need to reference! 


Assessment Frameworks 2021/22

Want to know exactly how your assessments are marked? To ensure fair outcomes, this year, the Assessment Frameworks will be in place, like last year's Fair Assessment Policies. Find out what protocols are in place for each style of assessment you do.

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Extenuating Circumstances

Assessment season can be a busy time for everyone, and it can be difficult to get information about any extenuating circumstances requests. A reminder that when you apply, assume that the extension requested has been accepted from the date of application.

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Good luck!

You’ve all been preparing extremely hard for your assessments, and we know that you’re going to do your best, no matter what style of assessments you’ll be taking.

Good luck with all your assessments this year, you’ve got this! Remember to check back on our tips and tricks anytime you need them.


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