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University of Birmingham College of Arts and Law

The College of Arts and Law Research Support Office is here to help and assist you with all stages of applying for external funding. We can provide the following help and support from pre-application through to post-award:

  • Information and guidance on relevant funding opportunities
  • Tailored advice on all aspects of research applications
  • Access to examples of successful applications
  • Facilitating peer review
  • Providing staff and non-staff costings
  • Advising on Pathways to Impact, Technical Plan and writing Justification of Resources
  • Reviewing your application
  • Inputting and submission of applications through electronic systems
  • Facilitating contract negotiation
  • Facilitating ethical clearance
  • Administering the set-up of awards and ad hoc operational issues
  • Advice on financial monitoring

Contact the team

Name: Liese Perrin
Role: Research Support Partner
Tel: x48246
Location: 361 Arts

Name: Tania Woloshyn
Role: Research Facilitator (H&C and PTR)
Tel: x46292
Location: 361 Arts

Name: Claire Peters
Role: Research Facilitator (EDACS, LCAHM and Law)
Tel: x49082
Location: 361 Arts

Name: Eleonore Dispersyn-Nievergelt
Role: EU Funding Facilitator (CAL and CoSS)
Tel: Mon x48645, Tue-Wed x49082, Thu-Fri x58487
Location: 361 Arts (Tue-Wed)

Name: Karen Houghton
Role: CAL Planning Partner
Location: 140 Arts

Name: Oliver Blackburn
Role: Research Communications Manager
Tel: x43932
Location: 140 Arts

Name: Suzie Hayman
Role: Research Support Administrator (EDACS, LCAHM and Law)
Tel: x47003
Location: 361 Arts

Name: Kirpal Noble
Role: Research Support Administrator (H&C, PTR and EU Projects)
Tel: x45316
Location: 361 Arts

Name: Anna Griffiths
Role: Research and Knowledge Transfer Assistant
Tel: x58224
Location: 140 Arts

Name: Daniel Hayes
Role: Research Administration Manager
Tel: x47657
Location: 140 Arts

Please also see our flyer for information on the RKT Office.

Please also see our flyer for information on the RKT Office. 

You will find links to relevant funding information below:

  • Applications and procedures
    For documents and information on how to apply along with sample applications. Also contains guidelines in relation to Study leave, award administration, Visiting Scholars, Personal Research Allowance and the CAL Impactful Research Fund.
  • Research Support across the University
    Research Development, EU and International Funding and the Research Support Group
  • University and College Funding
    Overview of other sources of funding available for travel: Birmingham International Engagement Fund, Birmingham-Nottingham Strategic Collaboration Fund, Horizon 2020 Collaboration Fund,BRIDGE Partnership with UIUC, Impact Acceleration Fund and the Institute of Advanced Studies.

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