What would you do with £500 for your business idea or project?

You can now apply for £500 whether you have a registered business or not. There are three strands of funding you can apply for depending on the stage you are at with your business or idea. A breakdown of each fund is listed below - see which one applies to you and follow the link to find out more:

Ideas Fund - £500

£500 to try out your business idea

If you would like to try an idea out, but don't have a registered business yet, then you can apply for £500 through the Ideas Fund. There are two deadlines throughout the academic year and if your application is successful you will be invited for an interview. Once funds are awarded, money will be paid to you up front and receipts are required upon completion. Full details here.
Not available to graduates.

Start-Up Fund - £500

You can apply for the Start-Up Fund and claim £500 if you have registered a business this academic year.

If you have started a business, you can apply for a minimum of £500 through the Business Start-Up Fund. You will need to pay up front and have your receipts ready before you apply but there is no interview process so you can apply anytime. We have provided a shopping list as a handy guide to help you with the more typical start-up costs. Full details here
Also available to recent graduates (up to two years)


Start-Up Fund Plus - Go even further (claim an additional £500)

Go even further and scale up your business with extra funding. Click on the link below to find out more.

This fund is for you if you have been successful in the £500 Start-Up Fund and wish to apply for additional funding to scale your business up to a maximum claim of £1,000. If your application is successful, you will be invited to discuss your additional funding requirements. If agreed, you will be required to make purchases up front and claim back funding with receipts. Full details here
Also available to recent graduates (up to two years)

Please note: It is possible to claim a maximum of £1,000 from all three funds together dependent on individual eligibility).

Contact the B-Enterprising team

If you are unsure which fund you should apply for, feel free to email the B-Enterprising team at


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