What would you do with £500 for your business idea or project?

You can now apply for £500 whether you have a registered business or not. There are two strands of funding you can apply for depending on the stage you are at with your business or idea. A breakdown of each fund is listed below - see which one applies to you and follow the link to find out more:

Ideas Fund - £500

Apply for £500 to try you own freelance or start-up idea with the Ideas Fund.

If you would like to try an idea out, but don't have a registered business yet, then you can apply for £500 through the Ideas Fund. If your initial application is successful you will be invited for a panel interview. Once funds are awarded, money will be paid to you up front and receipts are required upon completion.


Start-Up Fund - £500

Started a business or registered as self-employed? Claim £500!

If you have started a business or registered as self-employed (freelancer), you can apply for £500 through the Start-Up Fund. You will need to pay up front and have your receipts ready before you apply but there is no interview process so you can apply anytime. We have provided a shopping list as a handy guide to help you with the more typical costs associated with getting started.

Available to students and recent graduates (up to two years from graduation).


Freelancing Fund - £100

Are you creating your own Freelance? We are offering £100 to help grow your Freelance project. Simply fill in the form using the below link with details about your idea. 

Please note: Due to visa restrictions on starting a business in the UK, this is only available to students from the UK. International students looking to start a business in the UK after graduation can contact the B-Enterprising Team for further information.

Contact the B-Enterprising team

If you are unsure which fund you should apply for, feel free to email the B-Enterprising team at


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