Siemens Boot Camp


Show off your creative skills, learn important skills for the future of work and win prizes!

24-27 January 2022
The winning team will win £300!

Siemens Digital Industries Software has partnered with the University of Birmingham to host an engineering design competition for students! You DO NOT have to be an engineering student, or have any previous knowledge to attend. This event is open to all students, from any programme. Show off your design capabilities, creativity and teamwork skills for the chance to win some prizes.

Solid Edge is Siemens’ industry-leading product development software, used by engineering students and professionals across the U.K., as well as many of the largest organisations in the world who are changing the world with innovation. By getting experience in this area, you will be increasing your employability, whilst also getting the chance to learn other essential skills which employers are looking for. This is a great opportunity and will look fantastic on your CV, so don't miss out!

The Boot Camp is part of the UoBe Festival:        Sign-up here!
Places are limited, so sign-up now!


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