Social Media Heath Check Project – Myia Matassoni-Sarr

"We wanted student opinion on how accessible our website was for students and other groups and also their ideas to contribute towards our social media strategy.

Kelly Kealey, Centre Manager, CREME

Kelly Kealey, Centre Manager, CREME

“...excellent hardworking attitude...polite, professional and helpful.”

"As well as providing the report on how we can better utilise social media, Myia also produced working examples that could be used on twitter. The work that Myia produced was very useful. We will be using the ideas and materials produced on our social media accounts. She produced excellent graphics using information from our website and she also produced a social media report which included great advice on Twitter including post formats, marketing and Twitter tools.

Myia had an excellent hardworking attitude. She produced a large volume of helpful material and gave excellent advice on how to engage with different student groups across the University. She was polite, professional and helpful."

Kelly Kealey, Centre Manager, CREME


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