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Feedback to the Media and Marketing Project Team and Business Development Project Team

"Thank you  Alison  to both you and the students for giving us the opportunity to be part of your piloting project. We both thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated every moment of this. All the effort, time, commitment that was taken out for us. The information which we have received is quite useful and relevant to us as we speak. As well, it will be beneficial to us in the near future.

Chantell Flaure, Volunteer organiser

Chantell Flaure, Volunteer organiser

“...words can't express how proud I am of them (UoB students). This will help shape my organisation's growth, sustainability and customers.”

"Every day is a learning process. We gained a lot of knowledge and understanding. Formats, analysis, finance, who our beneficiaries are, our potential customers, ways to collect feedback, survey monkey. Also to find out who is our potential audience, when the best time would be to post an ad on social media. How we can secure a regular income, e.g by starting up a membership.

All the above and more - words can't express how proud I am of them. This will help shape my organisation's growth, sustainability and customers.  

By doing this project I have learnt so much. Taking it on board will help my organisation to thrive and have the recognition it deserves.

I will be looking into Survey Monkey straight away, Cava and Digital Garage. I do hope yourself and students can attend one of our events in the near future.

Wish you all the best in future projects such as this. I would definitely recommend them to others, if I was asked in the future.

We would like to return in the near future, 3-6 months to make you aware of our achievements, to show you what information we took on board; how we developed them.

Bye for now, speak soon, big thank you once again."

Chantell Flaure, Volunteer organiser


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